Why I’ve Launched a New Website…

It was time to launch a new website – with my Natural Health Clinic growing and more and more people coming to me for help, I needed a new online platform to help clients find the information they were looking for. It also gave me a chance to reflect on the last decade building Life […]

Louise Moore launches Addiction Recovery Clinic (ARC), specializing in addiction recovery and training professionals who work with addicts.

ARC brings together a holistic and counselling approach to beating addiction plus a training and membership programme to ensure high quality services are available across the UK. The company was founded by widely sought after UK hypnotherapist Louise Moore and top addiction expert Mark Dempster. ARC combines their skills, experience, and teaching capabilities to deliver: […]

HypnoCalm Frees You

When I started Life Matters Group, one of the biggest issues I wanted to help people with was anxiety and stress. People with mild to acute anxiety suffer terribly ,it can ruin their jobs, relationships with others and can sometimes lead to self-harm, addictions and suicide. I have worked with many clients who have experienced […]