Hypnuslim: Hypnotherapy weight-loss for long lasting results

Losing weight is a difficult process for many people.  You try all the fad diets, buy the latest books, and give it a go – but why do we keep failing?  Eating healthier and exercising are the only tools you need to lose weight, plain and simple right? The stumbling block for most people is maintaining their motivation and focus on creating this new pattern of behaviours to reach their goals.

hypnotherapy harley street londonThis is where Hypnuslim will make your weightloss successful.

The Hypnuslim hypnotherapy weight-loss system is a proven way to add that last remaining piece of your weightloss puzzle.  The research studies on hypnotherapy (1,2) show its effectiveness at producing remarkable weight loss and increased length of time this is maintained.  Also, when applying hypnotherapy weight-loss to cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) counselling, it more than doubles the effects of CBT treatment.

Hypnotherapy will give you access to your weight-loss potential by finding the real answers to your struggle with weight-loss; the motivation and focus you have locked up inside you.  Hypnuslim is a training tool for your brain to accept new behaviours and coaches you over time to stick with these new behaviours.  The process of hypnotherapy, which is key to Hypnuslim, puts you in a relaxed state whilst still fully aware.  During this time I take you through a journey that empowers you to change your lifestyle and meet your weight-loss goals.

Hypnotherapy, is it really that effective?

I have been asked this question many times in my London Harley Street Hypnotherapy practice and can tell you that after working with hundreds of patients the answer is Yes!  Quite often it is the word ‘hypnosis’ that makes people think of stage show shenanigans or a complementary treatment that has not been rigorously researched.  However, hypnotherapy, at its core, is a visualisation technique (3) which is used in a number of professions as standard practice:

  • Football players needing an edge?  Hypnotherapy is used as visualisation tool to help with the scoring shot going into the back of the net.
  • Actor on set needing to effectively portray their character?  Hypnotherapy is used as a visualisation tool to for their character to make the performance more realistic.
  • You wanting to make your weightloss dreams into reality?  Hypnotherapy can be used to help you visualise the confident and healthy new you to achieve your weight-lost goals.

There are countless types of research studies on hypnotherapy and visualization – and the power these have on changing behavior. You can follow the footsteps of the many people who use visualisation hypnotherapy to build the best you possible.  If you take the Hypnuslim hypnotherapy weight-loss course, it can be the turning point from endless diets and fads to achieving real and long lasting benefits.

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