Why I’ve Launched a New Website…

It was time to launch a new website – with my Natural Health Clinic growing and more and more people coming to me for help, I needed a new online platform to help clients find the information they were looking for. It also gave me a chance to reflect on the last decade building Life Matters.

My practice started with a just a few clients at my home and now spreads across Harley Street, Central London and Redgrave, Suffolk. I have been privileged to work with CEO’s, celebrities, journalists, parents and children in helping them to overcome obstacles in their life. I’ve always believed in giving people the chance to live their life free of the restraints that come with limiting beliefs or challenging character traits. That’s what all this has been about – helping people to live a free life.

The new website is in it’s early stages and includes the basic information visitors to the site would want. However, I want visitors to my site to have more information about the work we do and why we do it – helping people to understand why they might feel the way they do and showing them that there is a solution.

Sometimes, when you find yourself in your darkest moment, at the end of the road with a particular problem you have tried over and over again to solve with no success, it is just in knowing that there is help available that can act as a sunrise from the darkness. That’s what I want – when somebody comes to the website, that they don’t just understand a service that I offer – they see the solution is possible and they feel hopeful.

Over the coming months I will be writing a series of articles and blog posts with useful information on subjects such as anxiety, weight loss, eating disorders and healing from illness and many more. If you want a particular subject covered, please let me know.  Other self-help resources will be coming available – the Hypnosis recordings for anxiety and weight loss are already live and recordings for sleep, healing and birthing are on the way.

Finally, is the addition of new training products to the website. I have seen what a difference good counselors and hypnotherapists can make to others people’s lives. It is a remarkable feeling to do this job and I love every minute of it. My training courses help other people to do the same – from becoming a counselor or hypnotherapist to setting up and running their practice. In training others in this field of expertise, it can only help more people.

I have a very clear mission in my work – to help others live free. This can only be possible in working in partnership with my clients. You make this work by the action you take. In this new phase for Life Matters, I want to thank you and look forward to continuing that journey with you all. Keep watching for further developments in the next few months.