Louise Moore launches Addiction Recovery Clinic (ARC), specializing in addiction recovery and training professionals who work with addicts.

ARC brings together a holistic and counselling approach to beating addiction plus a training and membership programme to ensure high quality services are available across the UK. The company was founded by widely sought after UK hypnotherapist Louise Moore and top addiction expert Mark Dempster. ARC combines their skills, experience, and teaching capabilities to deliver:

Certified Addiction Training and e-learning for professionals, from counsellors, doctors, and drug and alcohol workers.
Membership program helping counsellors to deliver ARC quality rated addiction services and increase their client bookings
Holistic recovery treatment packages for people with chemical dependency, including support to families and loved ones of addicts.

Louise Moore has been delivering expert hypnotherapy and wellness services for many years through her practice LifeMatters Group. She has developed ARC to combine her practice and skills with Mark Dempster, a leading expert in addiction counseling.

“I have found that treating addictions requires a broad spectrum of solutions because no two people are alike and you need to be able to provide the right treatment for the individual. My clinical hypnotherapy, Havening Techniques™, and Wellness Therapies have given thousands of people the key to unlocking addictions, bad habits, and mental health problems. ARC focuses my addiction treatment therapies alongside expert addiction counseling to give clients the best of both worlds and a full treatment opportunity, instead of limiting them to one type or the other.”

The other ARC cofounder, Mark Dempster, has recently written his second book, a self-help guide for stopping addictive behaviour and fulfilling ambitions called ‘The Ongoing Path’. This book and recovery philosophy will include online resources and support materials on the ARC website. Mark has delivered addiction treatment services for many years from his Harley Street practice, from people having problems dealing with gambling, food, sex, internet, drugs, and alcohol. His passion for forming ARC builds on his desire to help the addict directly and to make an impact on the addiction treatment field. The addiction services in the UK are not well regulated and ARC will provide top level training and membership opportunities to addiction treatment professional to ensure the highest quality services reach more addicts and the ARC badge becomes a beacon of hope and well-earned trust in addiction recovery.

ARC’s training and membership programme for professionals will offer courses and e-learning package for individuals and organisations. These courses enable people working in addiction treatment to have the skills and knowledge to follow best practice in order to maximize help for the addict. Membership services include the training as well as business development, support, and increased brand awareness. Once accepted into the membership programme, ARC specialists can be relied on for top quality addiction treatment services, bringing a new era of standards to a field that varies too much in costs and outcomes. ARC is here to take the addiction treatment market to the next level and offer clients, commissioners, and professionals a brand and service that can be trusted to deliver.

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