Clinical Hypnotherapy

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

My Hypnotherapy and HypnoAnalysis sessions allow you to gain more control over your behaviour, emotions and physical well being by using the power of positive suggestion and visualisation. I have spent years training as an advanced hypnotherapist and over a decade using hypnotherapy to help clients.

Hypnosis sessions include my specialist programmes listed below which include a full consultation and a tailored programme.

Client Testimonial 

“Amazing, I wish I’d met Louise 20 years ago after struggling through life with claustrophobia and Agoraphobia. After just two months I felt confident to leave my home without panic attacks and even go on a plane to visit my family in Spain. I can’t thank Louise enough for helping me get my life back on track”.


HypnoCalm – Stress, Anxiety,Depression

This unique programme of hypnotherapy will help you to deal with moderate 
to high levels of stress and anxiety in your daily life and the effects of that stress both physically and mentally.
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Weight loss-HypnuSlim

hypnotherapy harley street london,Eating Disorders,Health,Emotional Eating,Virtual gastric band

Our HypnuSlim Weight Loss Programme works with the latest nutritional science based evidence and nutritional analysis alongside advanced hypnotherapy techniques and motivational training.
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Coaching 669x300

HypnoHealing uses the powerful combination of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and LED Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to treat a range of physical and mental illnesses.
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Time For Change

My HypnoQuit programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help you quit whatever addiction or habit is causing you a problem. 

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Two Stones 669x300

My HypnoAnalysis programme combines psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help with a range of problems

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grass business 1000x400

My HypnoCoach programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help you achieve your goals at an even greater level. 

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My HypnoBirth programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to teach expectant mothers how to be more relaxed and calm during pregnancy and the birth of their baby.

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My HypnoSleep programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help you address your sleeping problems and achieve healthy, natural sleep.

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