Loss and Bereavement



My HypnoAnalysis programme combines psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help treat loss and bereavement. Bereavement involves extreme emotions of grief, shock, anger, remorse and guilt. It can sometimes feel like there is no end in sight for these emotions and can be a very painful process. HypnoAnalysis works because I work with you to deeply relax and calm your emotions, allowing your mind to listen to positive suggestions that will help you move forward from emotions of grief. This is not about removing the grieving process – rather allowing you to experience the process in a safe way and helping you to move on from it with calmness.



“After my Dad died, grief took over every aspect of my life. I was sleeping all the time and when I wasn’t sleeping I had no energy for life. I needed to find a way to move on with my life, while never forgetting Dad. Louise showed me how to do that and I am eternally grateful”