My HypnoBirth programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help you experience birthing in a calm state, free of fear and helping you to achieve a completely natural birth. HypnoBirth works because my progamme helps you to understand how stress and fear can affect the way in which you give birth – preventing your muscles from functioning naturally. I will teach you relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis to help you release fear and eradicate limiting thoughts and to tap into your body’s natural ability to relax itself – helping you to have an amazing birthing experience. Sessions can be delivered one-to-one or as couples.


“My first experience of birthing left me emotionally scared and the huge responsibility of been a Mum left me in a worse state of fear about the second child coming. I was skeptical about HypnoBirth to be honest – but after working with Louise, I could feel the benefits and had a better birthing experience because of her help”.

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