My HypnoBirth programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to teach couples mind and body relaxation techniques to help with fertility. Stress affects the hormonal balance of the body and has been shown to interfere with conception. I use HypnoBirth sessions to help you relax and address the harmful effects of stress on your plans to conceive – an approach that has been proven to work in the fertility treatment profession by medical experts. Sessions can be delivered one-to-one or as couples. I will also teach you how to master the art of self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, and visualization and breathing techniques.



“We had tried many things to conceive and was on the verge of spending thousands of pounds on fertility treatment. I read an article about the success of HypnoBirth with fertility and my partner and me tried it – working together through the programme we learnt that our stress and fear was part of the problem. After a course of sessions learning to relax we saw the benefits – we have a two year old son now”.