Time For Change


My HypnoQuit programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help you quit whatever addiction or habit is causing you a problem. HypnoQuit can help treat a range of addictions and unwanted habits including smoking, drugs, alcohol, thumb sucking and nail biting. HypnoQuit works because I work with you to uncover the root causes of your addiction or unwanted habit and embed the benefits and reasons you want to quit. We then work together to focus on achieving that and to use the power of suggestion and positive visualisation to stay quit. I will work with you to learn new ways of relaxation so you don’t need to go back to your addiction or unwanted habit.



I had tried so many times to quit my addictions; I ended up having more of them than I started with. Each time I would quit one, to replace it with another, then go back to the original addiction with a new one to add. Louise helped me deal with the root cause of my addictions and stay quit for good


HypnoQuit can help you quit smoking for good.

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HypnoQuit can help you overcome an addiction to drugs.

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HypnoQuit can help you overcome an addition to alcohol.

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HypnoQuit can help you eliminate unwanted habits.

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