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My HypnoQuit programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to help you quit excess alcohol drinking. HypnoQuit works by helping you to understand why you use alcohol in excess and identifying and eliminating limiting thoughts and beliefs holding you back from quitting. I teach you to use new methods of relaxation whilst addressing the reasons you were using alcohol in excess in the first place. Quitting alcohol is the start of a new way of life, without the need for stimulants or depressants, and can help to improve health, finances, relationships and happiness. Quitting excess alcohol drinking can also save your life. HypnoQuit sessions help you quit excess alcohol drinking for good.



“I was always a party animal in my twenties, but then my thirties just became heavy drinking and every day. I got fired from work and I needed help. I had tried many things, but none of them worked – I still turned up a drunk and embarrassed myself a week later. I tried HypnoQuit as a last resort and wish it had been the first – over a course of sessions I was able to stop drinking and get my life back into shape”.