Teeth Grinding

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My HypnoSleep programme combines clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to treat teeth grinding (bruxism), which occurs unconsciously during sleep. There can be several reasons why people grind their teeth when sleeping. It could be a symptom of high levels of anxiety or stress or a dentistry issue. HypnoSleep works because I work with you to explore the causes of teeth grinding and help you to eliminate those causes. Through a programme of sessions we will work together to understand how you come to subconsciously grind your teeth and to help your mind and body find new and healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.


“I hadn’t noticed I grind my teeth until my boyfriend commented on it. It got so bad that it woke him up regularly – I was clearly doing damage to my teeth too. I read that this was symptomatic of underlying stress and HypnoSleep could help. It took a few sessions but my boyfriend can get a good nights sleep now and I’m not grinding my teeth to bits!”.