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My specialist children’s clinic was founded because I believe children deserve the best that hypnotherapy, counseling and coaching has to offer. As well as been a parent, I am a highly skilled child therapist and coach with years of practical hands on experience. I have worked with children since 1983 between the ages of 3yr-16yr. I use my advanced training in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP to work with children to treat fears and phobia’s, family crisis, trauma, bed wetting, food issues, eating disorders, bullying, abuse, sleep problems, unwanted habits and behavioral problems.


“My ten year old boy was getting into trouble at school and bullying other children. I didn’t know what was going on with him or what to do. Louise helped uncover the root cause of the problem and in just a few months of sessions he was back to his usual self with no real problems beyond the normal turmoil’s of a ten year old”


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