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HypnoCalm – Learn The Art Of Deep Relaxation


Experience a profound sense of inner peace and calm as you listen to this top selling hypnosis recording by one of the UK’s top Hypnotherapists Louise Moore. If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, or simply need to relax more, this audio will help you to learn the art of deep relaxation, let go of unwanted emotions and bring a new found positivity into your life.

“My life has taken on a different course since starting with the hypnotherapy recordings. Everything in my life has changed, for the better.”




HypnuSlim – Reprogram Your Mind and Feel Inspired and Motivated Towards Weight Loss


This top selling hypnosis audio will help you to let go of negative beliefs that have emotionally sabotaged your weight loss. Calm your stress triggers that maybe causing you to comfort or over eat, break the physical need for sugar and carbohydrates and create a desire for healthy eating. You will reprogram your mind and feel inspired and motivated to make all the necessary changes to achieve long-term success.

“I am not on a diet and this is the lightest I’ve felt in ages, I have eaten less but I have avoided any feelings of deprivation.