Brain Matters program

Brain Matters program

If you are struggle with acute prolonged anxiety, depression,Trauma-PTSD or drug, alcohol addictions, then you would benefit from this unique program I created from 27 years of experience called ‘Brain Matters’.

This is a 5 step program that looks into all the potential reasons why you may be suffering from mental or emotional issues.

Step 1 . Subconscious reset

Subconscious Reset is a rapid science based technique

My advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques are used to create fast effective reframing of negative thought patterns from core beliefs and habits based on a clients individual psychology and their blue print for life .

The science
  • 95% of our mind is subconscious
  • Our subconscious is an emotional mind with no intelligence
  • Information received by the subconscious is taken as our actual reality
  • The subconscious is believed to manage 40 million bits of data per sec
    the Conscious mind manages 40 bits of data per second
  • We dream in our subconscious, we react to emotions in our dreams as our reality

Ever time we do something in the now or think about a task in the future our mind jumps back Into our subconscious data base to see how we normally feel and function. If the reference point is negative then the mind will automatically repeat an old pattern or behaviour.

When our mind faces a real challenge, it will search the subconscious for the resolution. If we have not learnt effective ways to deal with our situation our mind will override any capability we may have in reality of resolving the problem, because it does not believe it’s possible.

How Subconscious Reset works

Subconscious reset happens through powerful verbal suggestions, creating future paced mind movies, followed by positive emotional anchoring .This rapid technique begins to reframe the subconscious belief system, effectively rewriting old thought patterns and habits, creating new behaviour .

The client experiences a light relaxed state as their brain wave pattern slows down into the Alfa rhythm entering into and altered state of awareness between being wide awake and a light REM sleep. In Alfa we learn rapidly , lower blood pressure, improve the digestive system and increase oxygen and blood flowing to the brain, it’s a relaxed hypnotic stated with eyes closed. In Alfa we are paying attention to our inner experience.

People who learn through subconscious reset to access this state easily, tend to demonstrate superior performance on both a physical and mental tests.

The client is then reorientated towards a better outcome, literally removing the resistance ,therefore changing the way they have been thinking feeling and behaving.

Subconscious Reset creates a rapid change in someones life, even after years of struggling with anxiety, depression, fears phobia’s , trauma – PTSD in just a few sessions , creating new and lasting neural pathways in the brain that fire and wire together .

Step 2. Breath balancing

The science of breath-work and capnography

70% of us have dysfunctional breathing patterns disorder

Our brains need 20% of our oxygen supply to function at an optimal level

Every negative emotional state like anxiety creates a dysfunctional breathing pattern from past or present situations

Correct breathing is key to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing

Read more on my breath work page

Step 3 . Nutrition matters

The link between our gut and brain health

The fact is that 95% of our neuro transmitters are made in the gut so it is crucial that we have a healthy microbiome or we are at risk from mental health issues like low mood ,depression and anxiety .

My Advanced Nutrition Analysis program for gut – brain health will look to improve any imbalances caused by , food intolerance ,unhealthy diet, drugs and excess alcohol which can all lead to gut inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. This effects our brains and our immune system in a very negative way.

Step 4. Sleep Matters

The science behind sleep

We need 6-8 hours sleep per night depending on our age
The best sleep cycle for rest and rejuvenation is know to be 10pm to 6am

Lack of sleep causes
  • Mental, emotional and physical stress, anxiety and depression
  • Low energy
  • Lack of clarity and focus
  • Lack of motivation
  • Long term health implications
  • Adrenal Fatigue

Sleep Matters combines clinical hypnotherapy and nutrition for the treatment of mild to server insomnia .This step of the program works to improve the quality of sleep for better brain and autonomic nervous system functioning.

Improved quality of sleep improve your energy levels, relationships, focus at work which all leads to a better quality of life.

Step 5 . Post trauma matters

The science of encoded trauma , phobia’s and acute anxiety

To create post traumatic growth after trauma that has left a person with PTSD or CPTSD, acute phobic response or acute anxiety and panic attacks. Step 5 of brain matters program offers the Havening Techniques to de link the mind from encoded trauma based in the neurology of the amygdala the fear centre of the brain, rapid relief from fight flight response and flash backs .

Read more about the Havening Techniques

An initial in-depth consultation will help to decide which steps are appropriate for you to work on to gain the maximum benefits from the program in the shortest time . We will then work our a schedule of sessions to suit your time and budget.

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