Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

My highly successful ‘HypnuSlim’ Weight Loss Hypnotherapy program works with the most advanced clinic hypnotherapy techniques and the latest science based nutritional evidence to create the results you have always desired. No more yoyo dieting, just a new powerful weight loss hypnotherapy approach to your perfect weight loss.

Did you know 95% of weight loss and body shape is down to what you eat, not how you exercise. This program shifts your relationship with foods to make a dynamic impact on your body and encourages you to move your body in a way that works best for you .

How weight loss hypnotherapy can work for you

My HypnuSlim weight loss hypnotherapy program works by tapping into the subconscious mind to reset your negative eating patterns, unwanted habits and cravings, then creates the desire to eat the foods your body needs for perfect health and weight loss .This unique weight loss hypnotherapy approach brings the emotional and the physical together, empowering you to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I will work with you to teach your brain that what you put in your body is vitally important .We address the reward centres, moving away from learned rewards such as refined sugars also addressing any food addictions.I teach your brain new ways of thinking about food, new patterns of behaviour, addressing and releasing other stressors or emotional issues that may also be affecting your weight loss.

HypnuSlim weight loss hypnotherapy starts with a full consultation, exploring your lifestyle, current patterns and habits. We uncover your stress triggers and create your desired goals. Following an initial assessment, I will work with you to prepare your individual tailored program.

You can choose to work with me in a number of different ways :

  • 1-2-1 weekly or fortnightly sessions
  • Minimum of 4 sessions recommended
  • Skype sessions also available
Weight loss hypnotherapy will help you:
  • Desire to eat healthily
  • Be totally relaxed around food
  • Say goodbye to emotional eating
  • Feel in control and only eat when you are naturally hungry
  • Eat slowly, really tasting and enjoying your food
  • Learn to stop eating when your tummy becomes satisfied
  • Shrink your tummy to its natural size
  • No longer experience constant carb and refined sugar cravings
  • Break food addictions
  • Break free from disordered eating and eating disorders
  • Eat the way nature intended for good health and weight loss
  • Achieve your desired goal
  • Develop a positive and motivated attitude
  • Enjoy the feelings of confidence
  • Create a desire for exercise
  • Relax and de-stress
Other services and products available :
  • MP3 – Hypnuslim recording to assist your weight loss goal – Products
  • Nutritional analysis – for those clients that may need further investigation into their weight gain or guidance on the best foods to eat for their age and lifestyle. I can provide a full report after completion of a nutritional analysis. Included in your personal report will be a list of all your recommended foods to eat ,those to limit or avoid. Many clients choose to included this service to maximise the success of the Hypnuslim program to achieve rapid weight loss goals.
  • Food intolerance testing – I offer advanced food detective tests this takes 40 minutes in clinic with immediate results from a finger prick blood test for 46 known allergens. Food intolerance can prevent weight loss, if you suffer from any unpleasant symptoms after eating certain foods or drinks and can’t seem to loose weight no matter what you do ,then I highly recommend this test for you ,it has helped many clients to gain clarity on what their body maybe finding difficult to deal with.

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“I have now lost 22kgs of body fat and gained 5kgs of muscle with Louise’s weight loss hypnotherapy program. After years of struggling with my weight, it was worth the trip all the way from Jordan to meet Louise. I highly recommend HypnuSlim”.

Salam – Jordan

“ From my very first weight loss hypnotherapy session with Louise I began to change, loosing my cravings for carbs, particularly sugary foods, and never binging again,I have lost an amazing 33 kg and look and feel 10 years younger”

Anita – London

“After 30 years of abusing by body with food allowing myself to become seriously obese and my health to suffer, going through very bad depression and bulimic behaviour,I now feel back in control of my life. I’m free from my sugar addiction, to date I have lost 4 stone and still going down and I will never be fearful again.Louise you have taught me so much, your calming influence and positivity are infectious, you are a very knowledgable and skilled practitioner,I personally can’t thank or recommend you enough.”

Samantha – London

“It was really good meeting you yesterday, I have to say I had quite a pleasant experience. Even more,I can feel the difference already – I have not had a need to have starchy food/snacks!
I wanted to see how I would feel if all the lovely food was in front of me ,I went for my usual morning coffee at Pret ( most of the days accompanied by butter croissant) and it was absolutely marvellous – I had banana instead!
I had a really tough meeting first thing in the morning, and kept remembering yesterday’s session and visualising myself – meeting was over and I was relaxed all the way through, most importantly I did not feel that desperate need for a carbo fix after!
I am looking forward to my next session.”

Charley – London

“All my adult life I have been morbidly obese and have done many diets. On the best attempts I have lost over 3 stone, (slimming world, Rosemary Connelly, weight watchers, Cambridge, calorie counting etc), but I always put the weight back on and more besides.I went to Louise thinking I’ve got nothing to lose, it has been amazing.
I have lost 3 and a half stone so far. At no point have I felt deprived, on a diet or depressed. It has been so easy and has required no effort. Most amazingly, every Easter I would have at least 12 creme eggs a week as I adored them, this year I don’t even like the thought of putting one in my mouth!
Louise followed my lead, I said I wanted to eat more healthy and wanted to stop eating so much chocolate and bread.  This is exactly what I have achieved, with no effort. I would thoroughly recommend”

Kim – Suffolk

I would be pleased to help support you in achieveing your goals