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Capnography - Breath Evaluation

Are you breathing right ?

I believe in restoring the natural balance that lives within all of us to enable us to live the life we deserve. My approach is ground breaking and unique.

It’s estimated that up to 70% of us don’t breathe right , this means we have created a breathing pattern disorder ( BPD )

Breath balance is the only starting point to create an optimal state of physical and emotional well-being.How well you breathe is the best indicator of how healthy you are and how long you may live. Breath and life are intertwined, and breath has a huge influence on our thoughts. As babies we were born into this life with the inherent knowledge to breath correctly using our diaphragm. However , our individual breathing patterns are influenced by many life events, especially during childhood. Our emotions influence our breathing patterns and just as importantly, our breathing affects our emotions.

We have become upper chest even throat breathers , you may notice this when you play attention to how you breathe. Unless we have a condition like asthma or are experiencing panic attacks we do not usually notice our breath unless we have been exerting ourselves in some way like running.

Did you know that we can use our breath to cure a variety of ailments

Emotional and Psychological : Anxiety , stress, depression ,panic attacks, insomnia

Physical pain : Digestion problems, high blood pressure, low energy ,weight gain

Mental : Focus, clarity of thoughts, cognitive performance

When we automatically breathe in, we breathe in oxygen (O2) and when we breathe out , we breathe out carbon dioxide (CO2) . Whilst the main aim of the respiration is to get O2 into cells to help with energy production and the many cellular reactions that our bodies need to survive, this action is dependent on an adequate level of CO2 being present in our bodies

Almost always, when people are not breathing properly the issue is one of over breathing , faster breaths per minute using the upper chest creating a weaker diaphragm.

Breath Evaluation by Capnography

At lifematters clinic I offer Breath Evaluation sessions using a capnography and HRV computer system, the capnometer is a specialist piece of equipment that measures CO2 levels and breathing rate and is the most scientific method of diagnosing BPD – breathing pattern disorder. This can be a stand alone session or as part of the new Brain matters program for acute anxiety and Trauma.

Heart Monitoring HRV

The Capnometer we use also measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV ) HRV is an excellent way of assessing the function of the autonomic nervous system (which controls almost all body systems )

An initial assessment typically take 45 mins giving immediate results. From the results we can work with breath training that is unique to your own breathing pattern , over time this retrains your subconscious breathing pattern which improves your physical, emotional and mental functioning .

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