“Louise is truly exceptional,I do feel transformed, for the first time in my life I am achieving my potential and moving beyond my limiting beliefs, I can’t recommend her work highly enough it was totally worth the investment in myself ”

Sarah W – London

“From the moment I first met Louise I new I had found the right person to help me, I connected with her incredible warms which put me instantly at ease. What was to follow over the next six sessions of hypnotherapy was truly remarkable, I changed from a person with acute fears and anxieties, fearful of what the future held for me, to a person who was relaxed with new optimism, energy and excitement for the future. I am already achieving on my new journey in a few short months. This lady has talents, knowledge and skills that far out wade my expectations. If you want an inspirational practitioner you have just found her ”
“Thank you Louise for everything I will always be truly grateful to you” .

Zara R – London

“My teenager wasn’t like most – incredibly talented, but the energy was going into such negative stuff. Louise helped my girl access what she really wanted to do and then set a goal to achieve it. It amazed me how focused she became as a result of the sessions with Louise” 

Olivia – London

“I knew adults got depressed, but never thought an eight year old could. Louise helped both my child and me understand what was going on and through working together helped my child get better”

Francesca – suffolk

“I was worried that Hypnotherapy would be too difficult for my child. I wasn’t really sure it would work either. I was amazed at the process and saw how Louise expertly weaved child story narrative into the hypnotherapy that improved my child’s behaviour and outlook on life dramatically”

Nadine – London

“My ten year old boy was getting into trouble at school and bullying other children. I didn’t know what was going on with him or what to do. Louise helped uncover the root cause of the problem and in just a few months of sessions he was back to his usual self with no real problems beyond the normal turmoil’s of a ten year old”

Adelina – London

“Personal Development Coaching at LifeMatters has been a revelation to me. I’m achieving more in every aspect of life. I now truly recognise my strengths and abilities and have let go of all the negative thoughts that were stealing my dreams. Everyone should do this”.

“Seeing Louise was one of the best decisions
I ever made – she has helped me be a more positive and capable person and take control of my life. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t recommend Louise enough”.

Cristian – London

“I can whole-heartedly recommend training with Louise. I first got interested in pursuing a career in Hypnotherapy after Louise saw me as a client for weight loss which worked absolute wonders. She convinced me to start a course in Hypnotherapy myself and I am so glad I did. Louise has a great teaching style with a mixture of sharing her knowledge and giving you a chance to give it a go. She obviously knows her stuff and I have benefitted so much from her advice and wisdom. She has continued to support me after the course during the set up of my new business and for this I am hugely grateful. Thanks Louise for helping me start my new career!”


“Louise shares her talents by taking the time to teach others. She takes what she does very seriously and pays great attention to detail whilst remaining personable and continuously striving to uncover new and better ways of doing what she does. She is an amazing tutor and mentor”.


“I studied the Adlerian Individual Psychology certificate and Diploma with Louise in 2013 – 2015 through Lifematters. I am not an academic person at all, but the way Louise taught was us was absolutely brilliant. She made the whole experience fun, easy to learn and helped us to understand each section bit by bit. It wasn’t just theory, but loads of practical approaches too. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started the training, but it became the best thing I have ever experienced and totally changed my life for the better. The course helped me to develop and to understand myself as well as other people in an effective way. I highly recommend Louise as a tutor she is very person focused and wants the best outcome for all her students”.


My 19 year old son was in the depths of addiction he was taking Xanax a highly addictive prescription drug and other substances along with alcohol. There seemed to be no way of reasoning with him and he was in the grip of a very destructive mindset. I was in despair. He was putting himself in some very dangerous situations, in trouble with the police, getting into violent rages and fights and hospitalised twice for overdose
I knew that if I was able to get him to break his thinking and get some self realisation there was hope. There came a point where he finally admitted that he had a problem and was open to help.
That same day I called Louise and booked my son in with her.
I had experienced the power of hypnotherapy first hand when I has sessions to sort out problems of my own.
What happened over the course of the next few months was literally … a lifesaver…
As it was a very, very ingrained addiction, (almost 2 years.) it was not going to be a quick fix. However with the weekly sessions over 5 months came an awareness, a strength and a resolve to kick the habit. This resolve grew and grew and even though his day to day life was still in chaos he was able to battle through.
It felt like a gradual re-programming of something that was quite hard wired.
I really don’t know how else we could have achieved this result.
He kicked the habit, changed his circle of friends, got his life more organised,
started a job with regular hours and regained regulated sleeping patterns.

He is now training twice a week in a boxing gym where he is putting himself forward for White Collar boxing bouts.
He has a growing self esteem and almost stabilised his moods and getting there day by day. He is working in the creative industry as a junior designer and is using his talents and adding real value to the business he is in.
It is a turnaround. He is still on a journey..but a journey that I never thought he could even start.
Tragically, in January this year, he lost a good friend , his flatmate who did not get the help that my son did and could not be saved from his addiction. He overdosed on the same drugs that they had been taking together.
This loss has spurred my son on even further to never look back. It is sad beyond words that his parents lost their son.

This parent could have been me.

Louise’s Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy works. It might even save your life…

Mr M Miley – London

“Drugs was ruining my life. I was failing at work, letting my partner down and showing myself up in front of friends. I knew I had to stop – I just couldn’t. Louise helped me look at why I used drugs and then gave me the help to stop. I feel more relaxed than even before I used drugs as a result of Louise’s help”.

Alfredo – London

I had tried so many times to quit my addictions; I ended up having more of them than I started with. Each time I would quit one, to replace it with another, then go back to the original addiction with a new one to add. Louise helped me deal with the root cause of my addictions and stay quit for good .

James T. – London

“I wanted to quit smoking desperately – I had tried everything, but still picked up the cigarettes. It was making my life miserable. Louise helped me quit by teaching me new methods of visualisation and relaxation. I’ve been quit for over a year now and I’m happier than I have ever been. I highly recommend Louise as a hypnotherapist ”.

Poonam P – London

“I was always a party animal in my twenties, but then my thirties I just became a heavy drinkier and every day. I got fired from work and I needed help. I had tried many things, but none of them worked – I still turned up a drunk and embarrassed myself a week later. I tried Louise’s Arc programme as a last resort and wish it had been the first – over a course of sessions I was able to stop drinking and get my life back into shape”.

Scott D – London

My life has taken on a different course since starting Louise’s Hypnotherapy for anxiety sessions . I was stuck in a dark place before I came to Louise with many horrid physical symptoms. The transformation is quite astonishing and I feel like I can do anything now and enjoy like again.!

Susan J – London

I came to Louise with server panic attacks and anxiety due to years of stress
Louise is compassionate, empathetic and most importantly an extremely effective therapist.I shall be forever grateful to her for getting my life back on track.
I highly recommend Louise

Rosanna – London

I would be pleased to help support you in achieveing your goals