Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

At LifeMatters Clinic’s, I offer my own unique style of advanced clinical hypnotherapy called Subconscious Reset.

My advanced clinical hypnotherapy sessions allow you to gain more control over your behaviours, emotions and physical wellbeing by using the power of positive suggestions and guided visualisation, working within the 95% of subconscious mind.

How does hypnosis work

Hypnosis creates a deep relaxation ,releasing tensions in your physical body and creating a sense of peace in your mind. You will experience a feeling of calm as your brain waves slow down as you leave the conscious beta brain wave and enter into the Alfa brain wave state, this is where your mind naturally goes when it day dreams ,looses attention or passes in or out of sleep.

You will be guided into Alfa by the sounds of my voice as you sit and relax, everyone can experience the powerful benefits of hypnosis, it is a natural state you enter into numerous times of the day. Once your mind is engaged you are ready and able to accept positive suggestions that will help you reframe the way you have be thinking, feeling and behaving. Every new thought and positive image creates new neural pathways in your brain that rewrite old habits ,thoughts and patterns from past reference points.

If you are struggling to overcome any situations or behaviour then my powerful Subconscious Reset hypnotherapy sessions can really help to change your life.

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“Amazing, I wish I’d met Louise 20 years ago after struggling through life with claustrophobia and Agoraphobia. After just two months I felt confident to leave my home without panic attacks and even go on a plane to visit my family in Spain. I can’t thank Louise enough for helping me get my life back on track”.

Jean D. – Suffolk

I would be pleased to help support you in achieveing your goals