Louise Moore

Transformational Coach

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist


CEO and founder of LifeMatters Clinic Harley Street London.

Louise Moore is an International Transformation Coach, one of the UK’s most sort after practitioner with 26 years experience in private practice,passionate and committed to helping people achieve fast,effective,life changing results. She is dedicated to making the impossible possible for her clients,creating extraordinary results through her unique programs.

Transformational Coaching

  • International Skype sessions
  • LifeMatters Harley Street London,Suffolk UK,Dubai UAE.
  • Exclusive one day Intensive Transformational Coaching package anywhere in the world.
  • Group workshops
  • Presentations

Louise creates bespoke programs for clients based on their lifestyle and desired goals. She uses fast,effective techniques to achieve the best results.Her knowledge and skills have helped thousands of clients from all walks of life achieve life changing results.

If something is holding you back in your life and you need FAST, EFFECTIVE, LIFE CHANGING results then contact Louise today to book an appointment or to arrange an initial free phone consultation.

“ If you are ready to commit then I am ready to work with you as you begin a journey from where you are now to where you are capable of being.Take the first step today, I would love to help you to transforming your life “ Louise

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Client Testimonial

“Louise is truly exceptional,I do feel transformed,for the first time in my life I am achieving my potential and moving beyond my limiting beliefs, I can’t recommend her work highly enough it was totally worth the investment in myself ”