April 18, 2019

HypnoCalm Frees You

When I started Life Matters Group, one of the biggest issues I wanted to help people with was anxiety and stress. People with mild to acute anxiety suffer terribly ,it can ruin their jobs, relationships with others and can sometimes lead to self-harm, addictions and suicide. I have worked with many clients who have experienced anxiety that prevents them from getting anything done as well as those who have had anxiety for short periods, during a particularly stressful time.  Sometimes, prescribed medication is an option that works for the short-term treatment of acute anxiety. However it is not the only option.After years of experience and training working with hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy to treat anxiety and stress, I decided to develop HypnoCalm. It was my belief that this powerful combination of medically proven therapies could significantly reduce someone’s anxiety and stress, allowing them to live a freer, happier life. HypnoCalm is a technique I have used with many clients and has been praised in national magazines such as Elle, where my HypnoCalm programme relieved one of their reporter’s anxieties.

HypnoCalm is available to everybody, regardless of what you can afford. My one to one services, provided in my Suffolk and Harley Street Practices, are proven to treat anxiety and stress with HypnoCalm, combining all three therapies – Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy. I now work with clients with the highly effective ‘Vision method of meditation’ for self help. These sessions are tailored to your needs and forms part of a treatment plan that helps you move on with your life, utilizing the skills and techniques that I teach you.  Combined with this or on its own is the HypnoCalm audio recording which is available to buy on my website for just £19.99.

This recording has already helped many people and you can read their testimonials online.

I started Life Matters to help people take control of their lives and be happy and free.  I started HypnoCalm to address one of the biggest barriers for many people in being able to achieve this. If you want to see how HypnoCalm can help you with your anxiety or stress, get in touch for a free telephone consultation.

I would be pleased to help support you in achieveing your goals