March 27, 2019

Louise launches Hypnotherapy recordings for anxiety and weight loss

Louise Moore, one of the UK’s top Hypnotherapists, has released her own hypnosis recordings for anxiety and weight loss.

  • HypnoCalm will help people find freedom from life’s anxious thoughts and day-to-day stresses.
  • HypnuSlim will help people achieve their weight loss and health goals.

One of the reasons she has released her own hypnosis recordings is because of the success of her Hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street and Suffolk. She believes that everybody should have the chance to experience the powerful benefits of hypnosis relaxation and visualization techniques regardless of whether they can afford an individual hypnosis session.

“I keep having tremendous success with my clients undergoing Hypnosis – it struck me that there were thousands more who could benefit from a recording. The recordings I have listened to didn’t tackle specific issues in the way I wanted to and the mainstream ones seemed to be by only men!”

She adds that she doesn’t just want women to benefit from her Hypnosis recordings.

“My recordings can benefit everybody – from young people to parents to busy professionals to the elderly.”

Louise is currently preparing to record hypnosis tracks for HypnoSleep, HypnoBirthing and HypnoHealing.

To purchase these hypnosis recordings visit the Self-Help Resources.

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